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Main Ring:
8.30am onwards: Lonsdale Stakes Sheep Dog Trail. (12.30 - 1pm Lunch Break)

2.30pm: Children's Fell Race 

3.00pm: Arnison Crag Horseshoe Fell Race

5.00pm: Presentation of Trophies (once the Open trial has finished)

Side Rings:
12 noon: Judging of Foxhounds
12.30pm: Judging of Family Pets, followed by: Judging of Gun dogs and Terriers

Show Field:
9.30am: Matterdale & St. John's Sheep Show 
1.30pm: Judging of Sticks and Crooks


Throughout the day:

5.00pm: Men only cookery Competition

Craft Tents, Trade stands, Children's Trampolines, Refreshments and Beer Tent

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